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Premises Liability – Slip and Fall

An owner or lessee of property has an obligation to maintain their property in a safe condition, so that a visitor to the property does not sustain injury.  If you have been  injured on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to compensation.  These type of cases are typically referred to as “premises liability” or “slip and fall” accidents.

Bergen County Personal Injury Attorney Lawrence Hersh handles premises liability cases.   If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, you may contact attorney Lawrence Hersh for a free initial consultation. Attorney Hersh will meet with you in person at his office in Rutherford, New Jersey and speak to you about about your case, and discuss the viability of pursuing it..  If necessary, attorney Hersh will meet with you at the scene of the accident.

Some Slip and Fall Accident cases that we have handled include the following:

-Client slipped and fell on puddle of water in the lobby of her apartment building, necessitating a hip replacement;

-Client tripped and fell on steps in the rear of a Dunkin Donuts store;

-Client tripped on a ramp leading up to an office building, breaking her elbow, requiring surgery and the implementation of hardware;

-Client tripped in the stairway of her apartment building, suffering a facial laceration requiring stitches, where the stairway railings did not conform to code;

-Client slipped and fell on what appeared to be liquid detergent in the aisle of a Walmart store.

-Client tripped on stairwell at