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Consumer Protection





We represent individuals with the respect to the following types of consumer matters:

  • Consumer Fraud 

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Statute provides for the recovery of treble damages plus attorneys’ fees.   We represent individuals who had problems with :


  • home improvement contractors
  • automobile dealerships
  • sales at home or at convention centers
  • temporary help agencies
  • consulting companies
  • at home medical care
  • boat or automobile repairs


We defend individuals who have been sued on credit card debt or have been sued on claims of store credit.   We may be able to successfully defend you or settle your debt for substantially less than the credit card or collection agencies say that you owe.  We have represented individuals who have been sued by New Century, Columbia Credit and other collection agencies.


  • Lemon Law

If you have purchased a new vehicle and have had nothing but problems, you may have a claim under the New Jersey Lemon Law


  • Default Judgments

If you have a default judgment entered against you, it may not be too late to act.  We may be able to get the default judgment vacated, and attempt to settle your debt for an amount substantially less than you may owe.  This may be true, even if your property has been executed upon or you have been subject to a wage garnishment.


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