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Federal Court Practice


Attorney Lawrence Hersh practices regularly in Federal Court, including in the District Court of New Jersey and the Southern District of New York.  Mr. Hersh regularly acts as lead counsel and local counsel in federal court.   Thus, if  you need an attorney to handle a case in federal district court as either lead counsel or local counsel, Mr. Hersh is available to help.  As a registered patent attorney, he regularly handles patent and trademark cases.  Additionally, over his nearly 25 years of practice, he has handled a variety of cases in Federal Court including the following:

  • Simon Richmond Patent infringement cases, 13-1944, et. al – Plaintiff’s local counsel in 12 patent infringement cases in federal court involving nearly 100 defendants.
  • Cuozzo Speed Technologies LLC Patent infringement cases, 12-3623, et. al., – Plaintiff’s local counsel in federal court in 4 patent infringement cases related to GPS technology.  Defendants include Garmin, TomTom, General Motors, JVC Americas and others.
  • Geissenberger v. Bidsauce Corporation, et. al 13-cv-3058 – Representing Utah Defendants as local counsel in breach of contract and related causes of action case filed in NJ District Court.
  • Gawel v. Berman & Rabin, P.A., 13-5318 .   Represented consumer against out-of-state law firm in Fair Debt Collection Practices Act case (FDCPA).
  • Fun v. Pulgar, et. al., 13-cv-03679 – Defendants’ local counsel in federal court case involving allegations of human trafficking.  Defendants prevailed on summary judgment
  • Bright Ideas Funding Group, LLC, et. al v. Garden Magic, et. al., 12-cv-1714 – Representing Defendants as local counsel in breach of contract related action to joint venture.
  • Colon v. City of Paterson, et. al., 12-1653.  Represented Plaintiff against City of Paterson and police officers in section 1983 civil rights cases for police excessive use of force.
  • Dewitt v. City of Paterson, et. al., 12-373.  Represented Plaintiff against City of Paterson and police officers in section 1983 civil rights cases for police excessive use of force.
  • Kirker Enterprises, Inc. v. Max Makeup Cherimoya, et. al., 11-3685 Defendant’s local counsel in patent infringement case involving a utility patent for fingernail polish.
  • Oori Trading Inc. v. all About Trendz, Inc., 11-1000. Represented Plaintiff jewelry manufacturer in federal copyright and trade dress infringement claims regarding jewelry designs.
  • YA IP Holdings, Inc. v. Levits Furniture Warehouse Corp., 10-cv-06811 Represented Defendant corporation in trademark infringement case in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.
  • Atlanta Bay Breeze, Inc., et. al.  v. Automatic Data Processing, Inc. et. al., 10-3988 – Representing multiple out-of-state plaintiffs in New Jersey district court in claims against a payroll servicing company;
  • Schneider National, Inc. v. Schneider Movers Inc., et. al., 10-140. Represented Defendants in trademark infringement action relating to  moving company trademarks.  Successfully vacated default judgment before settling case.
  • Ecko Complex, LLC d/b/a Ecko Unlimited v. Miracle Logistics, Inc., 09-06472 – Defendant trucking company’s local counsel in a shipping claim involving the Carmack Amendment. Defendant prevailed on Motion to Dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction in New Jersey.
  • N.V.E., Inc. v. Cosmetic Industry & Trade Corporation d/b/a Citco Corp. 09-3412 .  Defended corporate and individual defendants in Lanham Act case relating to claims for false desgnation of origin, dilution, false advertising and related causes of action.   Prevailed in motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction as to individual defendant.
  • Punch Products USA, Inc. v. Sweda Company, LLC, 07-1223.  Representing California Defendant as local counsel against claims of design patent infringement;
  • Miguel, et. al. v. Locke, et. al., 09-6167.  Acted as local counsel in defending a governmental coastal commission against a class-action complaint regarding federal fishing rights;
  • Franks v. Continental Airlines, Inc., 07-3850, Represented individual on international flight who was injured by piece of falling luggage from overhead rack in claim under the Montreal Convention
  • BanxCorp. v. Bankrate, Inc., 07-3398.  Acted as New Jersey local counsel on behalf of Plaintiff regarding antitrust and related causes of action.
  • Horng v. Sakar, 06-0816 – Represented Chinese Plaintiff in a one million dollar breach of contract case involving computer accessories.  Case settled during trial.
  • Viking Marine v. Motor Vessel “On the Rocks”, 03-4529.  Defended individual under federal maritime law whose boat was seized and arrested.
  • 800-JR Cigar, Inc. v. Neptune Cigars, Inc. et. al., 03-05237.  Represented defendants in trademark infringement and related causes of action regarding third-party affiliates internet usage of trademarks.
  • Z-Intenational, Z Line International, Inc. et. al., 02-8646. Represented defendants in the Southern District of New York in post-judgment contempt proceeding regarding trademark infringement.