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Intellectual Property


When the time comes to register or defend your creative work, we can help with Patents, Trademarks and Copyright Issues

Our intellectual property practice is dedicated to making sure you have the assistance and protection you need for your idea, creation, or invention. Our services include searches, registration, and litigation related to these areas, including prosecution and defense of infringement claims.  We assist clients with issues involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, licensing agreements and internet related issues. We are involved in both pre-litigation and litigation matters.  We represent clients who have been sued or have been threatened to be sued in intellectual property matters.  Similarly, we represent individuals who own intellectual property and their rights are being infringed.  This includes pre-litigation matters such as sending out cease and desist letters to actually instituting lawsuits.  Most of these matters are handled in federal court.  We can also act as local counsel for out-of-state attorneys in need of local counsel in New Jersey or New York.  We are registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Some of the matters that we have been involved in include:


  • Representing a client sued for trademark infringement with respect to a furniture company trademark that had been sold in bankruptcy.
  • Representing a client sued for trademark infringement with respect to cigar trademarks, where the defendant was not using the trademark, but other third-parties were using the trademark to direct internet traffic to the client’s website.
  • Representing a client sued for trademark infringement and counterfeiting related to a well-known sports drink.
  • Representing a client sued for trademark infringement related to a trademark for a national moving company.
  • Representing a client in the school supply industry who allegedly infringed the trademark of a much larger, well known competitor.
  • Representing a client in the garment industry who was allegedly infringing well-known trademarks for shirts and gloves.


  • Representing a client in a million dollar collection matter related to computer accessories, where the counterclaims and defenses related to indemnification for patent infringement.  This case eventually reached the Third Circuit Court of Appeal, which affirmed our client’s position.
  • Defending a client in a patent litigation lawsuit related to a design patent for a coffee mug.
  • Acting as local counsel in a patent litigation related to a cosmetic industry patent.


  • Representing a client in the jewelry industry whose copyrighted designs and packaging trade dress were being infringed.
  • Representing a client against a claim of copyright infringement where the company’s web designer used copyrighted images on the website without the client’s knowledge.