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Information Subpoena

In New Jersey, an Information Subpoena is sent out by a creditor after judgment is entered seeking information regarding a defendant’s assets.   The Information Subpoena is a standardized list of questions approved by the New Jersey Courts.   When directed to an individual defendant, the questions seek personal information such as an address, birth date, social security information and a driver’s license number.  Additionally, there are questions requiring the disclosure of the employer’s  name, wages, personal  bank account information, real estate owned and other income and assets of the defendant.  A creditor sends out an information subpoena to the defendant or judgment debtor so that the creditor can learn what assets and income an individual has and where an individual keeps those assets or derives that income.  Once the creditor receives this information back from the defendant, the creditor may then take one of several courses of property, including garnishing the defendant’s wages, levying on the defendant’s bank account(s) or putting a lien on any real property the defendant may own. 
Frequently the information subpoena is the first document that a defendant may actually receive, alerting him or her that a default judgment has been entered against them.  It is at this point, that the defendant should not sit on his or heels.  Failure to timely answer an information subpoena, could result in the defendant being held in contempt.  As debt defense attorneys we help individuals who have received information subpoenas and deal with the underlying debt which is frequently the result of a credit card debt or medical bills.
It can be quite embarrassing for an employee to have his or her employer find out that he or she has a judgment against them.  Similarly it can be frustrating to try to take money out from your bank account, and find that you no longer have access to  your funds. .


If you have been sued on a debt and/or received an information subpoena, and are need  of an attorney to help, please contact us.  We help individuals settle pending lawsuits as well as deal with outstanding judgments.


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