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Midland Funding LLC and Midland Credit Management, Inc.


Midland Funding LLC (“Midland Funding”) is one of the largest Debt Buyer’s in the Country.  Typically, Midland Funding buys  credit card and other debt with an unpaid balance after an account goes 180 days without a payment. Midland Credit Management, Inc. (“MCM”), is a licensed debt collector who frequently services the debt purchased by Midland Funding.  Midland pays a fraction of the unpaid balance with the hope that it will be able to collect all or nearly all the money that is owed on a particular account.  It is for this very reason, that many consumers who are sued by Midland Funding, do not realize that their past due credit card or account has been purchased by Midland Funding LLC and that Midland Funding LLC is now he owner of that debt.

In New Jersey,Midland Funding LLC is often represented by the law firm of Pressler and Pressler, a very experienced and aggressive collection law firm which represents debt buyers, such as Midland Funding LLC.

If you have been sued by Midland Funding or Pressler and Pressler or receive a collection notice or call from Midland Credit Management, we can defend you in in the lawsuit and/or attempt to settle the underlying debt for significantly less than you may owe and that you are being sued for.  Similarly, if you already have a judgment against you, it may not be too late and we may be able to vacate a default judgment or settle the judgment for significantly less than its face value.

Before you call Midland Funding LLC or one of its law firms, such as Pressler and Pressler, and they try to get you on a payment plan, give us a call at (201) 507-6300 for a free telephone consultation to discuss your options.  We’re here to help